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Founded in 1996 we are an innovative family owned business specializing in handcrafted soaps.  We are collectively connected to herbal therapies, aroma therapies and old world European "cold process" soap making techniques.  We pamper our soap through each step of production to ensure you receive the best quality we offer.  WHYWU was created in 2010 with awareness of individuality.....

CUSTOMIZED ORDERS: We know there will be times in life for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations and many more.  Please write us about your customized request, we will design with your plan, free of charge. Please note, all customized orders are requested for initial none refundable deposit of US$150, when order is confirmed.  50% of the total invoice less initial deposit is due in 5 business days after the order confirmation before we begin to handcraft the soaps for your special event.  

We know nature's hidden secrets, and why we need them for our skin.

7elements is created with proprietary herbal and mineral recipes that we designed to refresh and cleanse all skin types. Each bar features unique character inspired by clarity, compassion, determination, energy, equilibrium, happiness, and harmony.  

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Premium Aged Soaps Collections

Imperial is created with the finest avocado oil blends, natural ingredients, and essential oils in accordance our exclusive heritage recipes. This collection is designed to cleanse, revive and nourish all skin types. They are great for both face and body.